Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is a complete binocular vision assessment. During this session, we test the accuracy and efficiency of the eyes for the necessary visual skills including:

  • Resting eye position in various directions of gaze
  • Ability to make smooth movements when following (pursuits) or quick jumps between objects (saccades)
  • Ability to bring eyes inwards evenly for a near target (vergence)
  • Focusing strength (accommodation)
  • Depth perception (stereopsis)
  • Eye and vestibular system interactions
  • Reading mechanics using infrared tracking googles
  • Visual perceptual skills, including visual memory, sequential memory, form constancy and reversals
  • Visual-motor integration

Visual skills will be assessed objectively with a comparison to age-specific normative data. Areas of deficiency will be highlighted and presented with recommendations in a written report. This report is yours to keep and may be shared with other members of your healthcare team. We believe in a collaborative approach as improving underlying visual errors will allow for more substantial gains to be made in other areas of rehabilitation.

Please budget 90-120 minutes for your initial assessment. If you are unable to participate for this period of time, we are happy to schedule two separate appointments. 

Therapy Sessions

Our Vision Therapy program consists of weekly, 1-hour sessions lead by Dr. Vinge in office. Each exercise in the session will have been designed with your goals and identified weaknesses in mind.  Activities will vary week-to-week and use a variety of equipment. Therapy sessions are meant to be a challenge but aim to be fun and interactive at every increasing skill level.

Following each therapy session, activities will be assigned for daily practice at home. These tasks will vary weekly and the necessary equipment will be provided to you at no extra cost. Please expect 50 minutes of guided active therapy and 10 minutes to review the at home work. 

The number of sessions required will vary based on the person, visual condition, therapy goals and neurological response. Average treatment lengths are between 10-30 sessions, which will be better estimated after an initial consultation.