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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized program designed to enhance the function of the visual system. It helps people of all ages to overcome visual challenges and improve comfort.

Is Vision Therapy for You?


learning related vision issues, kid success in school

Over 70% of learning happens visually. Fortunately, we can assess and improve visual skills at any age.

Visual Dysfunction

eyestrain fatigue at work computer headaches

Reduce eyestrain and fatigue associated with prolonged visual tasks.

Concussion or Brain Injury

post concussion vision issues balance vestibular vision therapy light sensitivity blur fatigue rehab

Many post-concussion symptoms are visual and can linger for years after injury. Take back control and improve lifestyle outcomes.

Ocular alignment

strabismus amblyopia

Programs aimed at eliminating or reducing an eye turn (strabismus) or lazy eye (ambylopia).

Sports Vision Training

sports vision training baseball hockey soccer biking skiing running archery surfing

Bring your game to the next level by improving visual efficiency and accuracy.


child reading concerns vision therapy dyslexia ADHD ADD

Underlying visual deficiencies may be making it harder for a child to succeed at reading.

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